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Manage your Enterprise Business

IceWarp has a collaboration solutions to meet your business needs, regardless of industry or company size.

Progressive Discounting

IceWarp provides unique licensing model optimized for enterprise applications. The more users a company has, the less they pay per mailbox.

Scalable and Cluster Ready

IceWarp delivers a multiplatform, secure and scalable on-premise solution. Cloud data is automatically replicated to a different region.

“We have around 700 users, all of them are on webmail. We also have 100 workers with mobile devices – Androids, iPhones, iPads and BlackBerries – connected through IceWarp mobile synchronization module with ActiveSync. We are using GroupWare for centralized contacts and calendar sharing and we have a limited number of instant messaging accounts. In the last two years we haven’t had a single issue with the product.
Plus, IceWarp provides very good support.”

Ferdaus Ahmad Zaki, Manager for Network Infrastructure and Support Services, Northport


Customers can select the platform IceWarp mail Server runs on. With Linux it is possible to significantly reduce IT license fees.

Highly Customizable

Customize your IceWarp Server with almost 3000 options in the configuration interface to match your business processes.

API Ready

Use the IceWarp API to integrate with popular third party applications such as Salesforce, SAP, different accounting systems and much more.

Individual Support Approach

IceWarp has a worldwide network of headquarters and support offices to best assist you in the language and time zone you prefer.

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