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Email, Calendars, Contacts, Apps. All in One.

Business Email & Collaboration Solution for the Modern Workplace

Single interface with access to all important collaboration features.

Much More than E-mail

A complete suite of productivity web applications including Email, Calendaring, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, TeamChat, one-on-one Chat, Voice and Video calls and secure online Storage. Nothing to install and seamless integration in our revolutionary all-in-one UI.

  • Professional WebClient

    Immediately familiar to users by including all standard business features and much more.

  • Outlook Compatible

    Sync with Outlook to keep your data the same in both WebClient and Outlook and lets you access it offline.

  • Real-Time Security

    Multi-layered security combines signature-based Kaspersky Anti-Virus and online CYREN Anti-Spam.

  • SmartAttach with Deduplication

    A better and more storage-efficient way of delivering large attachments as links embedded into emails.

  • Mailing Lists

    Set up distribution lists, groups and mailing lists to send mass email to your subscribers.

See Tech Specs for More Details

Shared and Public Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes.

A Collaboration and Time Management Foundation

Robust calendaring and time management including resource planning.

Planning & Collaboration features

Email, shared calendars, contacts, tasks and notes in one easy to use package. All applications are connected together letting users multitask without any tabs or window switching, providing unified messaging capabilities.

  • Shared Calendars

    See others' schedules and public holidays. Plan meetings and send email invitations.

  • Global Address Book

    Browse contacts or type the first letters and let the contact autocomplete.

  • Tasks and Notes

    Create and share to-do’s. Add style to your notes with colors and searchable tags.

  • Resource Management

    Check availability and book shared resources such as meeting rooms, cars or equipment.

See Tech Specs for More Details

User Experience from the Desktop. On the Web.

All the Features your Users Wanted in One Familiar Interface

User friendly WebClient interface for composing and reading email.

Intuitive Modern Design

WebClient features a stunning, intuitive user interface designed to provide the comfort of rich desktop applications but built for the web. The web seamlessly blends with the desktop experience thanks to integrated push notifications and file synchronization in the background.

  • Web-Multitasking

    Our signature interface design enables true desktop-like multitasking with many open windows.

  • Tried and Tested UX

    Our all-in-one approach provides an immersive workspace with every feature at your fingertips.

  • Drag & Drop

    Share and upload files by simply dropping them onto your browser window.

  • Desktop Notifications

    Even with WebClient in the background notifications will pop up on your Windows or Mac.

See Tech Specs for More Details

Real-Time Dashboard, Full API, White Labeling, Domain Management.

Perform all administration tasks from one place.

Web-based dashboard displays the current traffic and service statuses.

Centralized management

Manage thousands of accounts from the comfort of a web based control center. Bookmark your servers and connect remotely through a dedicated administration app. Get the job done faster with features like White Labeling, Dashboard or Rule Builder.

  • Setup Users & Domains

    Our multitenant architecture lets you easily run multiple instances and handle several domains with different mailbox settings, logos and colors.

  • Customize the UI per Domain

    Change the interface to match corporate colors, add a background image, preset the language or connect to social networks from one central location.

  • Real-Time Dashboard

    Our dashboard with real-time statistics helps you track daily and hourly performance metrics and display your services' health at a glance.

  • Advanced Settings

    Both the Windows and Linux versions of IceWarp can be managed through WebAdmin - a web-based admin interface, or using our Windows desktop console.

See Tech Specs for More Details

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