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Microsoft Exchange Replacement

Zero Downtime Migration

Used in tens of thousands of migrations, IceWarp’s custom Exchange Migrator transports all of your important information without having to take your server offline for a single second.

  • User accounts
  • Address Books
  • Files
  • Public and shared folders
  • Permissions
  • Distribution Lists
  • Calendars
  • Tasks, notes and journals
Exchange Migration Guide

Exchange Migrator Compatibility

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1

Migration Features

Zero Downtime

During migration the Exchange server is still live, allowing users to work as usual.

No Duplication

An internal cache stores all information already migrated so administrators can run the migration multiple times without duplicating any data.


Full SSL support ensures your data is secure during the migration.

User Clean Up

Easily leave any unused mail accounts out of the migration.

Network Migrations

Migrate from your current Exchange server on the network to any other machine on the internal or external network running IceWarp.

Cross Platform Migrations

Migrate from Linux to Windows or vice versa with ease.

System Requirements

  • Exchange 2007-SP1 / 2010
  • 64bit Operating System, Windows or Linux
  • .NET 3.5 SP1 framework