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Discover IceWarp Server 12 for Administrators

The Most Complete Collaboration Suite Yet

The next generation of IceWarp completely changes the concept of how teams share information online. The redesigned web interface and a whole new family of apps put powerful collaboration tools right at users’ fingertips by integrating everything they need under a single login.

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New Login Screen

The release of version 12 introduced the new login page. Login screen is the same for both WebClient and WebAdmin, and also the settings are shared. Compared to the previous version, it is completely generated by JavaScript (browsers without JavaScript support will be redirected to the old „Tablet“ login screen).

The redesigned login page provides better login assistance and troubleshooting tools and allows greater flexibility for new features, such as two-factor authentication, custom sign-up fields and more.



The new web-based document editing technology in the IceWarp Server allows users to create, view and edit documents in most common Office formats, now available with the full set of editing tools. To benefit from these features, customers on older versions of WebDocuments (with IceWarp Server 11.4) will have to upgrade their IceWarp Server to version 12.x and install a new WebDocuments Server.

WebDocuments access can be set on user and domain level and is also displayed as a service within the Collaboration section in IceWarp Server administration.

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Cloud Instance

With the release of IceWarp Server 12 we also started offering this as a cloud-based solution. This can be deployed in our geographically dispersed and inde-pendent datacenters located in the USA, Germany or Czech Republic. Data among datacenters are replicated in real-time.

Cloud account details can be managed directly from the new „Subscription“ tab in WebAdmin and additional cloud-related account information is also displayed in the WebAdmin dashboard.

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Banner Ads

Since version 12, IceWarp Supports Google AdSense. It allows typically Internet Service Providers and others display banner ads on the login screen and inside the WebClient (at the bottom of the instant messaging contact list and on top of WebClient interface).

Administrator can select from static image by placing image URL or AdSense by placing AdSense slot ID provided by the AdSense provider.


IceWarp Apps

IceWarp Server 12 introduces our own new family of apps, simplifying users‘ mutual communication across devices. IceChat, FileSync and TeamChat Desktop utilize the AutoDiscover service to automatically configure the server connection, so users need to just sign in with their username and password.

Our apps use protocols: IceChat – XMPP over WebSockets (HTTPS), FileSync – WebDAV, WebSockets and TeamChat Desktop – HTTPS. HTTP / HTTPS must be enabled for the correct functionality of the client applications.Auto- Discover should also be correctly configured.

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IceWarp Desktop Office

A complete office suite is now available for Windows, including Desktop Client, Desktop Documents, Desktop Spreadsheets and Desktop Presentations (Mac version coming soon). Users can easily work with email, calendar, contacts, or use native applications to create, view and edit documents.

The Desktop Office can be purchased for any number of users, starting at the minimum of 5.

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HELO/EHLO vs Auth.

The HELO/EHLO filter is now considering the AUTH command. The filter can be used to block incoming connections from specific servers even if it is an authenticated relay.

ACL for TeamChat folders

The Permission dialog for TeamChat in the Administration Console was updated. The list of permissions was extended so administrators can now set up the following Team- Chatrights: Read, Write, Owner, All, Full, None, Custom, Kick and Invite.

TeamChat API

The TeamChat platform is fully prepared to integrate with the third party applications using its Application Programming Interface, offering extended functionality for teams.

TeamChat Plugins

Server administrators can easily connect TeamChat with other apps via third party integrations.

Microsoft Server 2016

IceWarp Server 12 now officially supports Microsoft Server 2016.

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