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IceWarp Desktop Suite

(COMING SOON) The complete Office suite available as installed apps for Mac and Windows that look and work exactly the same as in WebClient, maintaining the best possible user experience. It combines Desktop Client, Desktop Documents, Desktop Spreadsheets, and Desktop Presentations so users can easily work with mail, calendar, contacts or use the new apps to create, view and edit the files without Internet connection.

IceWarp Desktop Client (12.0.1)

Last Update: TBD

Work offline with mail, calendar, contacts and instant messaging in one application. Use multiple accounts and connect with your work email as well as Gmail, iCloud and Outlook.com simultaneously. Find any email, attachment or contact in seconds thanks to fast full-text search.

IceWarp Documents

Familiar to WebClient users, the most compatible office suite, fully usable offline. Install on Windows, Mac or Linux. In Documents you get a live font preview, two-column layout, printing support, spell-checker, equation editor, review mode and many other useful tools.

IceWarp Spreadsheets

Crunch numbers like a professional with powerful formulas, filters, diagrams, pivot tables and much more. You can search through large data files as well as use conditional formatting to highlight the values you need, then print it all out or export to PDF.

IceWarp Presentations

This application will be immediately familiar to all Microsoft PowerPoint users. It’s a lifesaver if you only need to fix an error in a presentation or wish to start creating from the ground up using templates, styles and effects.

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