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Discover IceWarp Server 12

The Most Complete Collaboration Suite Yet


The next generation of IceWarp completely changes the concept of how teams share information online. The redesigned web interface and a whole new family of apps put powerful collaboration tools right at users’ fingertips by integrating everything they need under a single login.

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Full-Featured Browser-Based Alternative to Office

WebClient now includes the most compatible and feature-rich Office suite yet, letting users create, preview and edit all Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org file formats. Its advanced online editors have familiar interfaces so users can easily find the tools they need. It is now much easier to create documents with a single click in the +New menu.



Create beautiful looking documents with images, tables and rich formatting.



Use powerful data processing features online, including charts and formulas.



Create stunning presentations then print them or export to PDF.



Save all your documents and files uploaded to TeamChat, shared or attached to emails.



Modern Real-Time Messaging & Collaboration

TeamChat is a modern real-time collaboration tool that allows teams to share information online, communicate and collaborate. It is built around natural team structure and does away with complicated shared folders. It has been upgraded to provide all the social features that users expect and greatly simplifies navigation between recent and unused chat rooms.



Add reactions to posts with comments, likes, dislikes and emojis.



Create a private or public bookmark by pinning an interesting content.


Live Preview

Links, images and documents preview without being opened.


Recent & Inactive Rooms

Only view rooms active since your last visit or hide unused ones to Inactive.


White Labeling

Customizable Style Across the Product

The login page can now be completely rebranded, providing a unified company look. Logo, color scheme, background image or even advertisements can be configured from one place in WebAdmin through intuitive controls with live preview. The changes will be applied across the product: in WebClient, WebAdmin, and in the IceChat.


Custom Images

When uploading a custom background image, smart adjustments are applied making the image look good everywhere.


Reinvented Login Page

The login page has been reinvented for a two-step login process so it is ready for two-factor authentication in future versions.


New Sign-In Experience

Users have the option to remember several account credentials to choose from, or go straight to the most recent one.


Smarter Sign Up

During sign up, users can be asked to provide mandatory contact information and have their account verified by email or by text message.

Design Improvements

IceWarp’s User Experience is More Seamless Than Ever


Redesigned WebChat Window

The private chat in WebClient now looks and works the same as in TeamChat and IceChat.


Sharing Button

The familiar "+" sharing button lets users share files, images, current location or start a meeting.


Image Preview

Animated gifs, maps and photos are now previewed directly in the chat window as thumbnails.


Support for Ultra HD Displays

New icons, light fonts and subtle design changes make WebClient look sharper on Ultra HD displays.


IceWarp Desktop Office

Professional Office Suite Available as Installed Apps

The complete Office suite is also available as installed apps for Mac and Windows that look and work exactly the same as in WebClient, maintaining the best possible user experience. Users can easily take all their essential documents offline thanks to FileSync and then use the new apps to create, view and edit the files without an Internet connection.


Desktop Documents

Create beautiful looking documents and open complex files with tables and annotations. Use powerful tools like two column layout, spell checker, equation editor, review mode, live font preview and more.


Desktop Spreadsheets

Crunch numbers like a professional with powerful formulas, filters, diagrams and pivot tables. Sort and search through large data files, use conditional formatting, print or export to a variety of formats.


Desktop Presentations

Whether you need to fix an error in a presentation or to create from the ground up using templates, styles and effects, this application can handle every presentation file.


Desktop Client 7

Email, calendars, contacts and instant messaging in one application for Windows. This new version adds a long awaited conversation view and a new, better look. Available exclusively in the Desktop Office.


IceWarp FileSync

Keeps Files Up-to-Date and Available from Any Device

Install FileSync on any Windows, Mac and Linux computer and it will silently keep the user's files up-to-date and available everywhere, both online and offline. It lets them easily share files with others by generating a link that can be sent in a message, or by sharing at whole folder with custom access permissions.

Supports: Windows 7, 8, 10 & macOS 10.10+ & Ubuntu Linux 64-bit


Same Files, Many Computers

Users can access the same files from all their computers. Changes done on one computer are immediately reflected everywhere.


Folder Sharing

Other users can be given permissions to a whole folder based on ACL (Access Control List), e.g. read-only, read/write.


Virtual Drive

Online storage can be mapped to a system drive letter, or its location added into Favorites.


Integrated Notifications

The FileSync widget is available from the system tray or menu bar and displays notifications about changed files.


TeamChat Desktop

Follow Multiple Teams in One App

This application allows users to link multiple TeamChat accounts and work with them at the same time, which is invaluable for those active in several TeamChat organizations, or for guest accounts. It integrates with the native desktop notifications on Mac and Windows, alerting users of any new posts, comments or mentions.

Supports: Windows 7, 8, 10 & macOS 10.10+


Drag & Drop Uploads

Files can be shared with everyone on the team by drag & drop.


Folder Download

Users can download and access their files offline in a separate folder.


Tray Integration

Quickly select the TeamChat account from the tray.


Desktop Notifications

Notifications can be selectively enabled for each room.



A Fresh New Mobile Messenger

Chat on the go and instantly share photos or your location. Your contact list is automatically synced and users can pin their favorite contacts to the top. For added privacy users can lock and unlock conversations or the entire app with a fingerprint using TouchID. The color scheme and background image automatically reflect WebClient branding. Turning the device to landscape view provides a full screen chat experience.

Supports: iOS 10.0 and higher (iPhone 5 or newer) / IceChat for Android is coming soon


TouchID Lock / Unlock

Protect the app with TouchID or lock certain chats.


Night Mode

Make colors easier on the eyes automatically after the sunset.


Swipe Between Conversations

Handle many contacts at a time with fast switching between chat windows.


Landscape Mode

Split-screen conversation view enables two parallel conversations.


Push Notifications

Slide the message preview to dismiss, respond or to open the app.



Conversations and any missed messages are also synchronized to web chat.

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