Customized license

Standard license

Once purchased, IceWarp Server is yours indefinitely for the number of users you've specified except for the Client Access licenses, which are subscription-based. Includes 1 year of software maintenance which keeps your server security up to date and lets you install new versions of IceWarp.

Mail server

Number of users

Mail Server with integrated WebClient is at the heart of IceWarp's communication solution. Number of users determines the maximum number of mailboxes while domains are always unlimited.



Fully integrated Kaspersky antivirus engine with real time updates and powerful multi-threaded processing capable of scanning over 4,000 messages per second.


Highly effective and accurate dual-layer engine based on industry standard Spamassassin and zero-hour outbreak protection powered by CYREN.

SSL Certificate

IceWarp Certification Authority recognized by 99% of browsers offers three types of server certificates that allow a company to establish secure and trusted communication from WebClient and mobile devices.

Single domain - domain validated

This option will create a certificate for a single domain, e.g.

Wildcard - domain validated

The wildcard certificate will allow you to cover all sub domains relating to the primary domain, e.g., and covered under one * certificate.

Multidomain - domain validated

The multidomain certificate can combine 3 or more different domains and subdomains in one easier to manage package but otherwise it is similar to multiple single domain certificates.

Client access

Exchange ActiveSync

Native over-the-air synchronization of all personal and public/group data including emails, contacts, calendars, tasks or notes. Supports nearly every mobile platform including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10.

Outlook Sync add-on

Outlook Sync bridges native Outlook features and IceWarp Server and lets users synchronize their personal and group data including Appointments, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Journals, Distribution Lists, Public and Shared folders.

Desktop Client

Full-featured Windows client developed as an alternative to Outlook and natively supported by the IceWarp Server without any add-ons. Includes email, calendars, contacts, instant messaging and much more.

Voice and Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Secure XMPP server with support for server level archiving, unified chat history search, server to server interconnect and optional gateways to public services such as GoogleTalk, AIM, Yahoo and Facebook.

Voice over IP / SIP

Video calling optimized for business to be used over their existing network infrastructure or over the Internet. A complete SIP server, enhanced by PBX, IVR, voicemail and multi-user audio conferencing capabilities with a possibility of screen sharing.

SMS Server

Complete text messaging server gives your workforce the ability to send text messages from their desktop and receive responses directly in their email inbox, via IceWarp WebClient, Outlook, standard email clients or through Instant Messaging.

Managed Services and SLA

Standard Support

Every licensed copy of IceWarp Server includes free online support during business hours for the term of the license.

Managed Services and SLA

Need after hours support, remote sessions, direct access to Tier 3 engineers, or even someone to run your server? An IceWarp SLA might be a good fit for you. There are multiple SLA options that can be customized to fit your needs.

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