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IceWarp 12.1

New Level of Teamwork, Design & Security

The new version comes with even better user experience and team connectivity. It looks fabulous and has quite a few new features. See for yourself.

Download IW 12.1 What's New PDF

IceWarp 12.1 Highlights

Intuitive Event Planning
Interface reinvented. It’s now vibrant and minimalistic at the same time. User-experience redefined. New attachments, better clipboard, delayed email sending, and calendar event composition allows you to do more as a team.
Email integration
The game changer. We’ve integrated Email and TeamChat together. It results in even more intense and effective teamwork and less confusion. A small change with the big impact.
Pivot tables, Review Mode
Tons of new functions in Spreadsheet - pivot tables, macros, controls, you name it. Better Microsoft formats support. And the best of all - Review mode.
Audio & Video Calls
IceChat is now available on Android as well. For iPhone, we have new and shiny Audio&Video Calls.
Faster syncing, HTML support
It’s faster, more stable, with better user experience in Outlook. We’ve added support of flags and categories, HMTL content and Single Sign-On.
Two-factor Authentication
Two-factor Authentication along with a crucial Anti-Spam update (IP reputation and SMTP processing added) makes security even more vigilant.


The next level of team collaboration. Enjoy the new interface along with extended options of email composition and team collaboration. With new Two-factor Authentication, you have a lot more control over access to your account.

New Email Composition

New vibrant-looking composition dialog. Powerful new features. Enhanced usability.

Attachments Editing

Open, edit and send back. Without leaving a browser, downloading documents or even closing email dialog window. WebDocuments evolved.

Unsubscribe Button

Doomsday button for any unwanted email. Just hit it and enjoy a zen-level serenity.

Delayed Sending

Sometimes you remember to send an attachment right after hitting Send button. It happens to all of us. With delayed sending for five seconds, you still have a chance to Undo it.

Calendar Event Composition

You will love new composition dialog. Invite coworkers to your new event and you immediately see if they are available. When planning a meeting for three and more people, calendar will automatically find you time when everyone is available.

Re-size Button

Maybe all you need is to get a big picture. Try the new resize button in the upper right corner of WebClient. Look through your emails as closely as you need.


We keep pushing already mighty tool toward new horizons. New Email and TeamChat collaboration changes the game entirely. Work on emails with a team directly from TeamChat group. We’re first to enter the land of new possibilities. Welcome to the new milestone of teamwork.

Email & TeamChat connected

Sounds basic, works magic. Now you are able to share drafts and incoming emails in TeamChat rooms. Even compose new ones with help with your colleagues. And when you’re done, you can easily send them right from or to a chat room.

TeamChat Digest

Scared to miss the latest progress in multiple chat groups? Introducing TeamChat daily digest - daily summary of activity in every group you’re part of. You won’t miss a thing again.

Zapier integration

Don’t worry about connecting other software with IceWarp anymore. We’ve created triggers for Salesforce, Jira, and Zendesk to name a few. You can integrate them with TeamChat, Email, and Files. Just create an account on Zapier.com and try it out.*

* After setting up your account in Zapier, contact us on services@icewarp.com. We’ll send you a link to our triggers.


There are new features all around WebDocuments. Tons of new functions in Spreadsheet - macros, controls, you name it. Better Microsoft formats support. And the best of all - Review mode.

Pivot Tables

Sort, average, and sum data from other tables. Group and filter vast spreadsheets with ease. It’s all possible with Pivot Tables.

Review Mode

Collaborate on documents with coworkers. Track ongoing changes. Toggle between views to see original and edited versions. Accept or reject changes and take it for another spin.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint support

Less confusion about attachment file format. More work done. WebDocuments now works better with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Discover the mobile dimension of work. Experience everlasting flow of communication with your coworkers whenever you are. We’re thrilled to introduce new Audio & Video Calls for iPhone.

Audio & Video Calls will be also available for Android as soon as may be. Stay tuned!


Audio & Video Calls

Reach out to your coworkers from a business trip, set up a call with a remote team, catch up from home office. With VoIP on IceChat, the possibilities are endless. Make it happen.

Night Mode

Makes messaging more comfortable after sunset.

Push Notifications

View messages instantly. Reply directly from lock screen.

Landscape Mode

Bigger keyboard. Split screen. Two conversations at once.


We’ve rebuilt the whole core from a scratch. It can now handle more tasks in shorter sequences, means super fast response while switching between email, calendar and contacts.

More stable. Accelerated syncing. Focused on user experience. New Outlook Sync.

Faster Attachments

Attachments handling speed increased dramatically. While usage of server resources decreased.

HTML Content supported

Enrich your daily use of Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Event notes with vibrant HMTL content inside.

Color categories synchronization

Distinguish emails with colors and categorize them. Bring an order to your mail box. Do it while switching between Outlook, WebClient, and mobile.

Single Sign-On

IceWarp server is now fully cooperative with Active Directory. One password to open all of your apps. Management of user’s account is now easier as well.


There is still a lot of work on WebAdmin. But we are heading in a right direction. Functionality added. Overall usability increased. WebAdmin now packs bigger punch than before.

DNS Zone File Support

DNS setup and configuration just got a lot easier. We have implemented format of a zone file that is defined in RFC. It helps significantly with setting up various DNS records. You can now export all your DNS records and import them in the correct format into your domain name registrar.

DKIM Configuration

For the very first time, you’ll be able to configure DKIM for your domain. By doing that you’ll be able to avoid email spoofing. That enhances the security of your domain significantly. For further details, see a video on IceWarp Youtube channel.


There are new demands for security and personal data management. And we came up with a handful of features to address them. Two-factor Authentication provides another level of account security while Anti-Spam sets a vigilant gatekeeper for your incoming and outgoing emails. And there are even more crucial updates according to GDPR regulation.

Two-factor Authentication

Extend your security beyond elementary level. Simply obtain an additional time-limited password via SMS or IceWarp Authenticator app. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.
Learn more

AntiSpam LIVE Updates

  • - added IP reputation
  • - outgoing AntiSpam processing
  • - changed SMTP processing

IP Reputation can stop any SMTP session coming from suspicious sources right before actual message is transmitted. Also, we are able to detect and optionally block accounts that are attempting to send spam from your network.

GDPR Compliance

IceWarp 12.1. is now fully GDPR compliant. However, there are security procedures you need to implement to your company’s inner policy to meet GDPR requirements from your side. For further information please see We’re GDPR-ready! post on our blog.

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