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DNS Server

Specify IP addresses for your DNS servers here. Multiple entries should be separated by semicolons.

You should specify two or three DNS servers so if one is unavailable then the second one can be accessed, and so on.

Examples of public DNS servers: OpenDNS (, Google (, level3 (

NOTE: IceWarp Server will attempt to locate your DNS servers automatically on the initial installation. (Or click on the : button to automatically fetch the DNS servers specified in your server's NIC.

DNS query timeout

The amount of time (in seconds) to wait for a DNS server response before considering this a timeout and trying the next DNS server in your list.

DNS query smart cache

Allows IceWarp Server to cache the results of DNS queries, which can greatly enhance server performance on high load servers.

DNS query cache items limit

Specify the number of DNS queries to be cached.

The higher the number, the greater the performance improvement can be, but we recommend not specifying a value greater than 2000 as the cache will use up some of your servers memory.

Test DNS Server

Use this button to test the functionality of the servers you specified. You should always perform this test when you add or change DNS servers.

DNS Tool

Click the button to open the DNS Tool dialog. See the DNS Tool chapter.

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