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Purple IM Module

Purple IM Module is a new XMPP module. It uses the standalone Purple Server, which integrates the libpurple library that is used by such applications and projects like Meebo, Pidgin, Gaim and Adium. The reason for a server-client application is the libpurple license. It is not possible to use the libpurple library directly in IceWarp Server, because IceWarp Server is not opensource. IceWarp released open source Purple Server which wraps the whole libpurple functionality and offers the TCP/IP protocol to communicate with it.

In the real world, the Purple module is a replacement for MSN, ICQ, Yahoo and other modules that you know in IM gateways. These former modules are not distributed any more. Only one module (Purple) will be installed and you can use it to connect to much more networks.

IM Networks and Protocols

AIM, Bonjou, Facebook, Gadu-Gadu, GroupWise, ICQ, IRC, MSN, MySpaceIM, QQ, SILC, SIMPLE, Sametime, Twitter, XMPP, Yahoo protocols are supported and more are coming.

Avatars Support

All of the IM networks support avatars. You can finally see roster items with those pictures in your IM client now (people from MSN or ICQ for example).

Multiple Sessions

New engine can handle multiple (concurrent) XMPP sessions from the same account. All of these sessions can use the IM networks that have been registered and logging out does not close the Purple sessions unless you are logging out from the last XMPP session of your account. So you can use your mobile, WebClient IM and desktop IM client and you will see people on ICQ and MSN in all of those. You can chat with anybody and incoming messages will be sent to all three sessions.


Proper XMPP authorizations have been implemented. Any incoming gateway authorization will have to be authorized by the IM client. (Previously all such requests were authorized automatically by the server without the user ever knowing it.)

File Transfer

You can transfer files across different networks. It really works. From your XMPP server, you can send or receive a file to/from ICQ or MSN accounts for example.

Automatic Server Side Contacts Import

When roaming with multiple clients (originally MSN or ICQ) and changing to your XMPP client with registered gateways, all of the network contacts will automatically appear in your roster. Something, people were asking for very long time.

How to Use this Module

Create a new IM gateway and link it with modules/purple.dll. (For more information about gateway creation, refer to the Services section.) There is the new Parameters option where you can set custom parameters for any module. For Purple, you need to specify what protocol you wish to use for that module.

The protocols can be found in RN:

E.g. for ICQ, it is protocol=prpl-icq.

How to Register Facebook Gateway in IM Client

Setting a gateway for Facebook is same as for other ones.

The following description details steps done by a user to register a gateway in their IM client.

  1. Within your Facebook account, go to Account – Account Settings – Username.

    If you do not use a username (but a whole email address), fill in one and activate it.

    You can check whether your username is activated. Insert the following address to a web browser:<your_username>


  2. Use this username (together with your Facebook password) when registering the Facebook gateway in your IM client.



NOTE: Username activation can take some time. In the case you have an active Facebook username and gateway registration does not work, go to your Facebook account again and change your password. In this case, username activation is done immediately.

Even simple log off / log in to your Facebook account via web can help.

For Twitter, the microblog-purple plug-in is used. For more information, refer to