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You can test your IceWarp Anti-Virus setup by pressing the Send EICAR Virus Test Message button.


EICAR (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) is a consortium of independent experts in the antivirus industry.

Obviously, you should not send out real viruses for testing purposes, so EICAR provides a file that can safely be sent, is non-viral, but which should trigger your IceWarp Anti-Virus software as though it were a virus.

If your IceWarp Anti-Virus is correctly set up you will obtain a warning message like the one below after pressing the button Send EICAR Test Message.


If this warning does not appear, there is some problem with your setup and you should investigate further.




NOTE: If you are using remote console, sending a test message can bring different results (than this warning) because you are an eternal IP connected to IceWarp and not authenticated.

You may get several errors such as:

Access not allowed (due to the Reject if sender local and not authenticated option)