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World's Most Unified Solution for
Real-Time Collaboration, Email, Chat & Storage

Your data will be stored in
Czech Republic, Prague (TTC Teleport)
United States, Reston VA (CoreSite)
Germany, Nürnberg (Hetzner Online)
Itálie, Milán (Caldera)
  • Get started in just 4 easy steps
  • E-mail, Planning, TeamChat, Documents
  • 20 GB shared storage
  • All apps available
  • Your own domain at with custom user interface design
  • Private IP address and data stored in selected datacenter

Calendar, Tasks, and Notes. Plan and work together.

Collaboration and Planning solution

Robust calendar and time management, including resource planning.

Planning & Collaboration Features

Email, shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes in one easy-to-use interface, integrated with other features such as TeamChat or WebDocuments.

  • Shared Calendars

    See others' schedules and public holidays. Plan meetings and send email invitations.

  • Global Address Book

    Automatically created contact list of all users, fully integrated with AD.

  • Tasks and Notes

    Create and share to-do’s. Add style to your notes with colors and searchable tags.

  • Resource Management

    Check availability and book shared resources such as meeting rooms, cars or equipment.

For more details see tech specs

TeamChat. Collaboration that is immediate. And lasting.

Email and TeamChat integration. Free guest accounts. Multiple chat rooms.

Familiar TeamChat interface for conversation within different groups.

Comprehensive take on team communication

As a bridge between email and private chat, TeamChat enables project-based collaboration in groups. In real time and with persistent history for all threads. Upload files, mention coworkers, comment on related topics. Experience the convenience of secure, in-context office messaging.

  • Comments, Pins, and Mentions

    Easily discover what is important in any selected room. Comments for better navigation through chat. Pins to highlight important posts. Mentions quickly refer to a person in question.

  • Email and TeamChat connected

    Sounds basic, works like magic. Now you are able to share drafts and incoming emails in TeamChat rooms. Even compose new ones with the help of your colleagues. And when you’re done, you can easily send them right from or into a chat room.

  • Free guest accounts

    Invite business partners to any of your chat rooms. Share documents, comment on progress, work together. Strengthen communication between companies.

  • Desktop notifications & Daily Digest

    Be aware of any new activity in selected rooms. Don’t worry if you miss something. Daily Digest via email lets you know about anything important.

  • Unlimited number of chat rooms

    Create as many rooms as you want. Categorize them easily in groups.

For more details see tech specs

Email. Calendar. Contacts. Working together.

Efficient business communication. Streamline your team’s collaboration.

Single interface with access to all important collaboration features.

Essential tools done right.

Email is where most work starts these days. And where it eventually concludes. So it only makes sense to have it integrated with other components making up the overall context. Plan a meeting right from your email. Find a contact when composing your calendar event. Send an email from a team chat room. Edit a document right in the conversation where it’s been shared. Without leaving IceWarp interface.

  • Easy email composition

    Compose emails right from a browser window. Use advanced options of intuitive and responsive composition dialog. There is a plenty of team collaboration features as well.

  • TeamChat integration

    The game-changing feature. Now you can share any email with one or more of your TeamChat rooms. Even compose new ones with the help of your colleagues.

  • Outlook compatible

    Email, Calendar, Contacts with such features as Color categories and HTML content can now be synced with Outlook.

  • Advanced security

    Signature-based Kaspersky AntiVirus, online CYREN AntiSpam, and IceWarp Authenticator. Multi-layered security that meets the world’s most strict industry standards and current legislation.

  • Clever attachments

    SmartAttach streamlines sending large attachments such as videos or large presentations. It automatically uploads the large file to our cloud, including a link in the email body to download the file. So it gets delivered fast and doesn’t take up room in the recipient’s mailbox.

For more details see tech specs

Desktop experience. In a browser.

Intuitive interface. Extended options for email composition and teamwork. Secured by Two-Factor Authentication. Accessible from any computer without installation.

User friendly WebClient interface for composing and reading email.

Workspace evolved

WebClient provides a seamless desktop-app user experience in a browser window. Straightforward, feature-rich and intuitive.

  • In-app multitasking

    More tabs, more control, more work done. Chat with a coworker while reviewing a document. Search through TeamChat groups while composing an email. Multitask your way to higher productivity. The only limit is your imagination and the screen size.

  • Drag & drop

    Upload and share files by simply dropping them into your browser window.

  • Desktop notifications

    Be on top of your game in every moment with popup notifications. Even if WebClient is in the background.

  • Desktop Notifications

    Even with WebClient in the background, notifications will pop up on your Windows or Mac.

For more details see tech specs

WebClient. The power of integration.

Empowering Users with the Tools They Need to Work Together.

Document sharing with others directly from the chat window.

All features integrated into chat

Turn discussion into action without leaving the chat window. With one click, you can schedule a meeting, share a document, invite a guest to a conversation or start a web conference.

  • Create a Meeting

    Easily schedule an online meeting with all team members. The meeting invitation will appear to all members with an action button to join.

  • Work on Documents

    Create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation in a single click or simply upload your files using drag and drop to share them with your team before editing them collaboratively online.

  • Start Webmeeting

    Set up a web meeting with your team that they can join directly from a chat room.

  • Invite Guests

    Invite external users to join a chat. They will have the same powerful tools available including document editing.

For more details see tech specs

IceChat. Small talk, no big deal.

Mobile & desktop instant messaging. Push notifications. Audio and video calls.

Cross platform applications to communicate with people – TeamChat Desktop, IceChat.

IceChat for iOS and Android

Discover a mobile dimension of work. Connect privately with your coworkers through instant messaging. Hold remote meetings including audio and video.

  • Push notifications

    View messages instantly. Reply directly from the lock screen.

  • App and conversations lock

    Lock your app or selected conversations with Touch ID on iPhone and PIN on Android.

  • Audio & video calls in iOS

    Reach out to your coworkers from a business trip, set up a call with a remote team, catch up from home office. With VoIP on IceChat, you can discuss in pristine audio quality.

For more details see tech specs

Real-time administration. Even from a console.

API. Domain management. White labeling.

Web-based dashboard displays the current traffic and service statuses.

Completely in charge

You have all the control you need with WebAdmin. Run multiple domains. Manage user account permissions. Deal with email spoofing and more.

  • Multiple domains

    IceWarp multitenant architecture allows you to manage an unlimited number of domains. With multiple levels of access and individual customization.

  • GDPR compliant login settings

    Each domain can be connected to a custom Active Directory or LDAP server with full SSO support. In line with GDPR, different security policies for access can be set for different users.

  • DNS zone file support

    You can now easily set up various DNS records with an implemented format of zone file defined in RFC.

  • DKIM configuration

    Configure DKIM on your domain and avoid email spoofing. Enhance security of your domain significantly.

For more details see tech specs

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