Hybrid Deployment

Optimize your email, messaging and collaboration server so that everyone has the features they need. And save money by cutting unnecessary costs at the same time. Pay only for what you really need instead of what others want to sell.

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How it Works

Hybrid deployment combines IceWarp with any email server you are using right now. They run side by side, on one domain, acting as one, looking as one for everyone outside of your company.

Usually only 20 to 30 % of employees need the most advanced features. The rest is using only basic ones like email, documents editing or chat, and just a few of the semi-advanced ones. However you usually pay the same full price for all of them. This costs you way more more than necessary every month. Solution is simple, migrate those standard users to IceWarp, keep all the history and functions they need and save tens of percent of your regular costs.

All the Necessary

Retain the Integrity
Both servers are connected and communicating together. Employees on IceWarp can chat with those on the original server while both using their own messengers, they have access to the same public folders as well as the same events and calendars. And for more effective team collaboration, both IceWarp and non-IceWarp users will have access to the same TeamChat rooms.
Cloud & On-Premises
Are you using your own infrastructure and email comes as a software for you? Do you prefer Cloud based services? Hybrid can be run on both, even combined. You can choose On-Premises for power users and Cloud for the rest, or vice versa. Whichever is more convenient for you.


Reduce your total costs by up to 50%. Pay only for what you really use and save your money.
Two Systems.
One Brand.
Everyone keeps their email address and all of their history. The outside world will never know.
Two servers on one domain. Yet everyone gets to work like nothing has changed.
with your clients.
Keep using clients you are used to.You can synchronize them, thanks to support of standard protocols.

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