Mail Server with Groupware

Complete Mail Server solution accessible to users through intuitive Web, Desktop, Mobile and Tablet interfaces. Integrated Groupware enables immediate access to private and public information including Address Books, Calendars, Tasks, Notes and Documents. Modern intuitive WebAdmin for streamlined mail server management.

All in One Unified Interface
All in One Unified Interface
WebClient centralizes all your data and communication be it email, chat or calls in one place
and makes it accessible from any browser or device.
Email, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Notes
WebClient has a full feature set for personal information management including calendaring, resource scheduling, contacts and tasks. All information may be shared among users via Global Address Lists, Group Calendars or Public Folders.
Preview Excel sheets, play PowerPoint presentations and view Word and ODF files directly in your browser, without having to install any Office suite on your computer. Attach any file to an email, calendar event, task and more. Cooperate on a document with others, lock it, save multiple revisions, roll back to an earlier version or notify others of changes.
View in WebClient

Office documents and attachments are previewed in the reading pane immediately when clicked. The preview pane allows you to browse through document content and search through a document with full-text online search.

New Window

View in a Window

Clicking inside the document allows to see any edits, search, zoom and open it in a separate window to multitask with emails, chats and online meetings.

Meeting Scheduling & Calendaring
Meeting Scheduling & Calendaring
IceWarp allows to see others’ availability for the planned meeting time, to book shared resources such as meeting rooms and interoperability with both internal and external users for sending meeting invitations.
Large File Sharing

With IceWarp's SmartAttach feature users can send large files without disrupting the network or mail activity on the server. The file is stored only on sender's server and attached as a link, which cuts down on storage costs as well as bandwidth.

Office Integration

Open and save Office documents online for all Office file formats and PDF files. Preview a file directly in the browser without opening and edit in Office applications without having to download to disk.

Streamlined Management from Anywhere
Using your desktop, tablet or smartphone, control all communication channels and collaboration features in one centralized place
through the HTML5-based WebAdmin. Use the Windows console for advanced settings and configuration.
Real-Time Dashboard

The new dashboard is the administrator's control center with the two most important views on a single screen

Current Traffic provides invaluable insight into your server's activity in real-time, through an animated chart of server connections and processed data volumes.

Service Status shows service uptime and other run-time statistics.

API Console

API Console

The new API console provides access to thousands of server settings, including those not available in the Administration GUI,
divided into areas such as Accounts, Domains, Mail, etc.

Server & Domain Admin View

Responsive Layout

WebAdmin layout automatically adapts to your device type. Create and configure domains, users, groups, mailing lists, as well as rules and basic server settings.

Active Directory Active Directory

IceWarp integrates with existing Windows AD domain controllers, can utilize Single Sign-On authentication and synchronize existing domains, groups, accounts and other personal data to IceWarp.

Archiving Archiving

IceWarp Server archives incoming and outgoing emails automatically. All users have direct access to their archive folder under the same login and can easily restore content through drag & drop function.

Operating Systems Operating Systems

IceWarp is supported on Windows 2003 and later, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. It's available for 64-bit or 32-bit operating systems and connects to MySQL, MS SQL, and Oracle databases.

Migration Tools Migration Tools

When you need to retire your hardware, migration tools will do the heavy lifting for you, reliably moving the whole installation and data to the new machine or to the cloud. From Windows to Linux, 32-bit to 64-bit, or vice versa.

Discover the Leading Exchange Server Alternative
A rich feature set, resource effectiveness and easy management makes IceWarp Server one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Exchange. IceWarp’s custom migration tools can transport all the important data from any mail server with zero downtime.
Outlook Integration
Outlook Integration

Outlook Sync installs to existing user profiles, letting users continue to work within Microsoft Outlook's familiar environment and keep all its functionality and real time data synchronization.

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14 Days Trial in Cloud with 50 GB Storage

30 Day On-Premise Trial for Windows or Linux

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