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Supported Mirapoint Products

IceWarp will continue to provide professional services to existing Openwave Messaging customers for their Mirapoint products, such as technical support, situation analysis, data migration, upgrading services. The continuity is guaranteed by IceWarp's 16 years of expertise in the messaging space.

Mirapoint Message Server
Mirapoint Message Server
Mirapoint ConnectR Outlook Plugin
ConnectR Outlook Plugin
Mirapoint RazorGate

IceWarp Products & Possible Migration

Benefit from professional services and individual approach to every customer.

  • IceWarp offers seamless migration to a flexible all in one alternative incorporating

  • Modern and Intuitive WebClient

  • Secured Email and Calendaring

  • Teamchat for real-time communication in teams

  • Documents Storage

  • Online Documents Editing (Documents, Spreadsheets or Presentations)

  • Integrated Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and SSL Certificates

  • IceWarp will simplify data exchange by centralizing all data and making it available for

  • Synchronization with any Mobile Device

  • OutlookSync for automated synchronization of emails, contacts and calendars to Microsoft Outlook

  • Easy sharing and collaboration on any type of data

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Complete a form or call +44 2031 294 778 for Mirapoint and IceWarp information.

"IceWarp gives Mirapoint customers an opportunity to upgrade their systems for 21st century without solving all the related challenges themselves that IceWarp has already solved. Together we will continue to build the most advanced solution that is cost effective and attractive to your users."

Adam Paclt, IceWarp CEO

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