Server Security

IceWarp delivers sophisticated multi-layered security for company-wide protection. Fully integrated Spam Protection and Virus Protection block possible threats to your system while IceWarp's Intrusion Prevention System stops malicious or unwanted behavior in real-time

Intrusion prevention

Incoming connections are analyzed by intrusion prevention filters. These include the number of authorization attempts, IP addresses and security level.

Secured Connections

Integrated certificates management and service management allows to easily deploy and enforce secured inbound SSL connections.

Spam Account Mitigation

Should a spammer ever infiltrate one of you user’s accounts, IceWarp has powerful automated features to minimize damage and keep you whitelisted across the web.

Antispam Protection

Smart Filtering

By combining 20+ antispam technologies and through sophisticated behavior analysis and auto learning, IceWarp Anti-Spam adapts to your organization. The longer you use Anti-Spam, the more accurate it will become, no management required.

Antispam Live!

In cooperation with our technology partner Cyren, IceWarp Anti-Spam Live offers real-time protection. updating the moment a spam outbreak emerges and delivering a detection rate exceeding 98% accuracy.

Antivirus Protection

Complete protection

Be it email, email list attachments, FTP, IM SOCKS Proxy or IMAP APPEND, every file going in or out of your server is scanned and validated.

Enterprise Protection

High-performance Kaspersky ® AV engine, providing powerful multi-threaded processing capable of scanning over 4,000 messages per second.

Attachment Scanning

Scan all e-mail attachments, documents, calendar attachments or files shared during conferences, including .zip files.

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