Mobile Sync

Wherever your users travel, IceWarp mobile sync is there, ensuring seamless PUSH synchronization for all data automatically through most mobile devices. Mobile users have up-to-the-minute access to both personal & shared information (including GAL) through support of Exchange ActiveSync®.

  • Support for all mobile platforms on the market including Windows Mobile, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Samsung, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android devices (2.0 and higher).
  • E-mails, Calendars, Contacts, Notes, Tasks and Files pushed to mobile devices in real time.
  • Manage all personal devices through an easy dropdown in WebClient. If stolen or breached, any device can be remote wiped.
  • Synchronize calendars, contacts, tasks and notes. Set your Out-Of-Office responder from your mobile device.

iOS 7 Notes Sync

iPhone and iPad users can now have Notes automatically synchronized between their device, Outlook and IceWarp.

Restrict Non-Work Settings

Block non-work related settings such as consumer email accounts like Gmail and Yahoo, unsigned applications, and browsers.

Out of Office

Users can turn on their auto-responder from their mobile device.

Folder Management

Users can manage their folders right from supported devices.

Sync Policies

Limit the amount of company data synchronized to device.

Central Administration

Manage all company devices

Easily manage all devices connected to the server in one location.

Enable global and device specific policies.

Remote wipe a device immediately if a breach occurs.

Disable device applications that are not in line with company policies, including browser, outside email, unsigned apps, and more.

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