Time Tested Exchange Replacement

With custom tools for simple migration and officially licensing Microsoft sync technology, IceWarp has been one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Exchange for over a decade, used worldwide by companies large and small.

“Exchange is a bear, it really takes a lot of time and energy to manage, and the hardware it requires has to be extremely robust and seems to require constant tuning. IceWarp is easy to manage, and very lightweight. We used a spare machine we had that was only being used as a file server. It handles the load nicely, saving us infrastructure cost.”

Josh Johnson, IT Administrator, Superior Controls

“Exchange is nice from the integration perspective of Active Directory to Exchange. Cost-wise IceWarp is much more cost effective however, almost 50% cheaper up front. You can get the same functionality for substantially less money.”

Brian Oldham, CIO, R&G Medical Legal Solutions LLC

"Everything is tied into one central point, making it easy to manage. The antivirus and antispam add to the ease of use. I don’t have to manage multiple appliances or software servers. The actual spam portion of Exchange isn’t as good as IceWarp’s."

Rick Corl, Director of Technology, Pacific American Fish Company

Exchange Features With No Microsoft Hassles

IceWarp is easily deployed in any environment, has an extremely low TCO, and is easily migrated to. All communications are centralized in one easily managed interface for administrators, greatly reducing complexity and the cost of ownership.

3 Year IceWarp server TCO

More Features, More Customizable

Compared side-by-side, IceWarp brings more out-of-the-box features than Exchange or any other leading solution. Whether you need standalone email, on-the-go connectivity, or top security, IceWarp molds to your organization’s needs within minutes of getting started.

Exchange server comparison

Enterprise Features Made Affordable

With its flexible sliding scale license structure and user-by-user customizability, IceWarp delivers enterprise features to your organization without financial strain.

Complete Microsoft Integration

IceWarp’s powerful Outlook Sync and officially licensed Exchange ActiveSync keep your organization connected 24/7 without the pains of managing Microsoft Exchange.

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