IceWarp Server

IceWarp’s server is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Exchange because of its ease of deployment, ease of management and overall resource effectiveness.

Simple Installation

Widely Supported

IceWarp is supported on major operating systems, including Windows 2003 and later, Red Hat Enterprise Version 5 and 6, Linux CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. You can also easily connect to MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle.

No Pre-Requisites

Everything required to operate IceWarp is included during installation. In contrast to most systems, no lengthy system preparation is needed.


Retention Policies

Ensure any compliance standards you have are easily met by enabling multiple retention policies. An active archive keeps more current communications and an offline passive archive for stores older messages.

Comprehensive Archiving

IceWarp archives all incoming and outgoing email and instant messaging communication.


Content Filtering

IceWarp includes a powerful content filtering engine that can execute database calls, scripts, and many other operations

Real-Time Session Tracking

Monitor all traffic on the server in a single view along with all other session details. Perform various operations with service sessions including specific log activity, killing of sessions, and blocking unwanted traffic.

Real-Time Statistics

Receive up to the minute statistics for all services for easier management.

Queue Management

See a live view of your email queues as well as user mailboxes.

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